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Podcast: Can you teach a machine to think?

9th December 2020

MIT Technology Review

Joy Xu

Currently, AI is advancing in leaps and bounds, yet some might wonder how close we are to a “general artificial intelligence” - one that is not limited to only text, like GPT-3 but can multitask and reason on their own via various modes of communication. This also raises a burning question: who really benefits from the replication of human intelligence in an artificial mind? Where is the incentive? Is it the Big Tech companies, who can then use it to generate more revenue? Is AI currently democratised enough so that ordinary people can access it and not only multi-billion-dollar companies? These interesting questions, and more, are raised in this episode of Deep Tech, MIT’s podcast on helping people understand and gain insight into the interlinking of technology and society.

But what is AI anyway?

This might help.

12th November 2020

MIT Technology Review

Joy Xu

The emerging field of artificial intelligence can be tricky to navigate, especially to newcomers who are not familiar with programming nor the buzzwords used. Even for experts in the field, defining what artificial intelligence truly and concretely means is not as simple as it sounds, and there is no clear-cut answer.

This short podcast explains what AI is (and isn’t) - a great listen to have as a pause between study sessions, or anytime just for fun!


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