Journal Clubs

Information and recordings of our past journal clubs.

Journal Club 5: Applications of AI in Healthcare

9th February 2021

2pm - 3pm

In this journal club, we have Chongyang Wang, PhD student at UCL presenting his work on Affective Computing for Chronic Pain!


More about Chongyang Wang here:

Journal Club 3: Fairness in Machines Learning

1st December 2020


The papers we will be discussing:

Gender Shades: Intersectional Accuracy Disparities in Commercial Gender Classification
Racial Categories in Machine Learning
And a third paper if time permits:

Mathematical Notions vs. Human Perceptions of Fairness: A Descriptive Approach to Fairness for Machine Learning

Journal Club 1: Natural Language Processing

3rd November 2020



• Unsupervised Question Decomposition for Question Answering

• Cross-language sentiment analysis of European Twitter messages during the COVID-19 pandemic

• A Survey of Multilingual Neural Machine Translation