Meet the committee

We are an elite squadron of UCL students from a variety of backgrounds, united by a common interest - AI.


Course: BSc Computer Science

Languages: Python, Java, C, Julia 

Experience: Research, Reinforcement Learning Intern at UCL, Computational Neuroscience Intern at Max Planck Institute

Fun fact: Jamie grew up in a country with a population of 34,000!

Bianca Bodo.jpeg
Bianca bodo


Course: MEng Engineering and Architectural Design

Languages: Python, Java, C++

Experience: AI Software Development and Testing Intern at Bosch

Fun fact: Bianca loves reading sci-fi novels, and can read 5 books in a week!

Joy Xu

Head of Content

Course: ​BASc Arts and Sciences (Major in Sciences & Engineering)

Languages: ​Python (learning R, HTML, CSS, Java)

Experience: BlackRock Portfolio Analytics Summer Analyst, Total Energies Data Science Summer Intern

Fun fact: Joy loves figure skating and has lived in 5 countries throughout her life!

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Jake Dorman

Head of Operations

Course: BSc Mathematics with Economics

Languages: Python, Lua, C

Experience: CS50, CS50AI, Intern/research assistant for PhD student at UCL

Fun fact: Jake is the lead singer and bassist for a classic rock band!

Fuh Zhe Yi.heic
Zheyi Fuh

Head of Events

Course: MEng Mechanical Engineering 

Languages: Python 

Experience: Maxis Pricing Analyst Intern

Fun Fact: Zheyi love milkshakes and travelling!

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Martynas Pocius

Head of Tutorials

Course: MEng Biomedical Engineering

Languages: Python, C, C++

Experience: Panoramic Digital Health Intern, City University of Hong Kong Summer Research Internship Program

Fun Fact: Martynas have been playing piano for 12 years.

Rishi Kalra

Welfare Officer (Interim)

Course: BSc Physics

Languages: Python, C, C++, SQL

Experience: Tech Spring Intern at Optiver & J.P Morgan, UCL Physics Placement, CS50x, IBM Qiskit


Summer School (Quantum Machine Learning)

Fun Fact: Rishi enjoys Muay Thai, kickboxing & sci-fi.

Danny Toeun Kim

Machine Learning Officer


Course: MEng Computer Science

Languages: Python, Java, C

Experience: Data Analyst at KB Securities, currently focusing on Amazon Alexa Prize TaskBot Challenge at UCL Web Intelligence group

Fun Fact: Danny used to be able to solve Rubik’s cube in less than 30 seconds.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-22 at 10.08.05.jpeg
Siqi Zhu

Tutorials Officer


Course: ​BSc Computer Science

Languages: ​Python, Java, C, Haskell, SQL

Experience: Suning Data Analysis Intern

Fun fact: Once Siqi starts Gundam or a puzzle (>500), she cannot stop until finished.


daulet batayev

"Russian hacker"

Course: Bsc Computer Science

Languages: C++, Python

Experience: Goldman Sachs spring intern

My name is Daulet or Даулет, and I was born and raised in Kazakhstan. I am a computer scientist interested in all sorts of things: Machine Learning, Sofware Engineering, Web Development, Research, Philosophy, Psychology, Finance and even History!

My motto: "Sometimes it's the very people no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine." - Alan Turing.

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louis dewardt

"Keyboard wizard"

Course: Bsc Computer Science

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