The Future is Calling.


Founded in 2017, we are the first society in the UK to focus on Artificial Intelligence. We are strongly convinced that the role of AI is soon to revolutionise all aspects of our lives including business, economy and industry.

Many people are not aware of the true potential of this technology. Our goal is to raise public awareness on the matter and provide our members with the knowledge and tools necessary to avoid the risks and harness the opportunities coming our way as AI gains a bigger role in society.


want to learn ml?

We have compiled a collection of easy to understand learning resources for machine learning.


The whole pathway is here for you: from the basics for absolute beginners to brushing up on specialised topics and applications of ML.

join our events

We host a wide range of events meeting the needs of those who have never written a line of code as well as more experienced students. We have organised Python coding workshops for beginners and collaborated with other societies on events bridging the gap between neuroscience and computer science.

The 2020/21 academic year will be no different. We plan to host a variety of interesting online events open to all.